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Sherline 6200CNC Ultimate Machine Shop with CNC 6 servo motor control system, with Rotary Table

Sherline 6200CNC Ultimate Machine Shop
Your Price: $4,592.00
Item Number: 606050
Manufacturer: Sherline
Manufacturer Part No: 6200CNCUltimateMachineShop


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6200 CNC Ultimate Machine Shop System Bundle with Rotary Table

CNC Ready Sherline Mill, Lathe, and Rotary Table with many accessories bundled at a great savings.
As an added BONUS IMService includes a 3700CNC Rotary Table at no additional charge.  This adds 4th axis rotary capability.  Normally this is an additional $50 to the ultimate machine shop package.
Then, pick either our Sys3A or Sys4b CNC control systems to run your machines.
Checkout the differences here.  Sys5 is not available with this purchase:

If you want to set up a complete miniature machine shop with just one purchase, the "Ultimate Machine Shop" package makes it easy for you. The package combines Sherlines top-of-the-line Model 4400 deluxe 3.5 x 17" lathe and Model 2000 8-direction vertical milling machine with a host of the most popular machining accessories. Included are all the items you need to set up for most machining jobs including cutting tools and holding fixtures.

In addition to the lathe and mill, you get the following accessories:

1040 3.1" 3-jaw Self-centering Chuck
1074 Steady Rest
1191 Live Center
3002 Cutoff Tool and Holder
3007 3-pc. 1/4" HSS Tool Set (LH, RH, Boring)
3013 Step Block Hold-down Set
3020 5/32" Sherline Hex T-Driver
3021 3 pc. Center Drill Set
3052 Fly Cutter w/ 1/4" Carbide Cutting Tool
3054 Boring Head (3049 metric)
3060 3-pc. Mill Collet Set w/ Drawbolt
3063 Boring Tool (5/16" min. hole, 1" max. depth)
3072 1/4" Jacobs Drill Chuck w/ #1 Morse Arbor, Key and Drawbolt
3073 3/8" Jacobs Drill Chuck w/ Arbors, Key and Drawbolt
3079 3/8" End Mill Holder
3551 Milling vise
3700 4" Rotary Table
3750 Tilting Angle Table
5327 Sherline Accessories Shop Guide book
5330 Safety Glasses
7400 6-pc. 3/8" Shank Double-ended End Mill Set

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