IMService International Sales Policy

All international sales are subject to approval by the IMService credit department.

We reserve the right to reject any order.

Frequently asked questions and the answers:

1) What are the payment terms for international orders?

The payment terms are prepaid, including freight, with no exceptions. All orders are shipped FOB-South Lyon, 
Michigan, USA, and DDU- Deliver duty unpaid. This means that the taxes, duties, brokerage fees, and any 
other charges will be paid by the purchaser, usually before the freight can be delivered.

2) Are my purchases insured?

In most cases the goods are insured, however claims on international freight take some time to collect and the 
freight companies delay and attempt to minimize all loss payments. The customer must fully document any 
damages and in most cases must also file the claim with the local courier. Notation on any Bills of Lading 
and photos of damaged packages will help.

3) Can I Pay by Credit card or Paypal?

In some cases orders placed through our web store and through communication with our office may be 
paid by credit card or Paypal. We require confirmed shipping addresses for most international orders. 
In order to use this payment form, your Credit Card company must support address confirmation You 
can also use Paypal if you have a confirmed address on your Paypal account, and if Paypal offers us 
Seller protection for the amount of your order. We will not ship to alternate addresses not covered by 
the credit card company or Paypal. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards. 
If your credit card company or Paypal charges excessive international fees (for example, over 3% of 
your order), you may be asked to remit additional funds.

4) I'm from Canada, can I pay by Canadian postal service money order?

Unfortunately we cannot accept Canadian postal service money orders. Our bank will not accept these 
documents for deposit. However because of NAFTA, available ground transportation and close proximity, 
Paypal and Credit card transactions usually can be processed with few complications.

5) I don't have a credit card or Paypal account, how can I pay for my order?

We will accept bank drafts drawn on US banks in US dollars. You can also pay by bank wire transfer. 
Your payment must be converted to US dollars and cover the full amount of your order, including freight 
charges, plus a $35 fee. This fee covers the charges that we pay to our bank. If you want to pay by bank 
draft or wire transfer, select the prepaid payment method when you check out from our web store. After 
you finish the checkout process, we will send you information about remitting by bank draft or wire transfer.

6)How long will it take to ship my order?

Depending on the item purchased, it may ship within a day or two, or may take several weeks. Systems are 
built to order and usually take 7-14 days for US and Canada. International orders with special voltages require 
a day or two longer, and also require additional paperwork, which may take an additional day or two. You 
should expect that your order may take up to 2 weeks longer. Purchasing premium transportation will not 
speed up the process before shipment, but will reduce the shipping time.

7) The freight charges for a machine/system/etc purchase to my country are extremely high, can 
you help to reduce the freight costs?

YES! Our on-line store calculates international freight for US Postal service, FedEx, and UPS. These services 
will deliver the packages to your address. These companies provide this service, but may not be the most 
economical carriers for your destination. If you live near an international airport, you may be able to pick 
up your items, rather than have them delivered to your door. We can provide an airport pickup freight 
quote for orders over $1000.

8) Can you show a value of $100 on the paperwork for my $1000 order to save me taxes?

Absolutely not. Insurance coverage is required on all orders changing the declared value will reduce the 
insurance. You may not be the only IMService customer in your country. If we are found to be using 
fraudulent documents, IMService may be barred from shipping to your country. In some cases our 
employees may be prosecuted in US courts for document fraud. And lastly, if the shipment is found to 
be mis-reported, the freight companies may be able to back charge IMService for the taxes or duties 
due to be paid by you.

9) My order took 3 weeks to prepare for shipment, during that time the freight costs 
increased by $100. Will I have to pay an additional amount for my order?

In most cases you will be asked to send additional funds to cover the difference. Since we have no 
control over the cost of freight, any differences between the freight quoted initially, either by direct 
contact with our office, or by on-line systems from the freight companies, is the responsibility of the 
customer. Normally a small variance is not an issue, but if a major increase is received, you may be 
asked to remit additional funds.

10) I paid extra for premium freight service. Why didn't my order ship sooner?

Premium freight services do not change the ship date of your order. Only the time in transit (after 
shipment) is affected by premium freight services.

11) I live in country XYZ, will you ship to me?

IMService is a licensed business in the USA.  We follow the guidelines established by the US State
department, which prohibit sales to certain countries and individuals.  If you or your country are on
the official list, we can not ship product to you.